A Short Story....My mission.

Walking around my local grocery store, I go to the Pharmacy section to pick up Band-Aids, I notice all the Medicines with small print labeling it’s many side effects. Side effects ranging from internal bleeding, hair loss, itching to even fatality. That doesn’t seem right, why would something meant to help me, hurt me?

As soon as I got home I started my research on medicines, I went to the library and grabbed books on holistic remedies and natural remedies. I was so fascinated on how these natural herbs can heal us, and better yet they had no side effects! Why weren’t more people aware of this? Why have we depended on pharmacies? I had so many questions.

I started purchasing ingredients such as organic herbs and oils. I looked at the items I used the most such as shampoo, toothpaste, and lotion. I threw them away in the trash and started testing out my herbs and oils to create beautiful formulas.

I loved what I created!! I want everyone to enjoy the luxury of natural products that can benefit you without harming you.

So I made it my mission to change that!

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